Monday, 26 June 2017

Open garden days, June 2017.

Last Friday and Saturday, my garden was open to the public. It has been two fantastic days. 

After two days talking to so many people, I do not know what to tell you. I just want to relax and reflect!

But for those of you who could not visit the garden, the photo’s.....

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Dear mr Hozelock.

Dear Mr. Hozelock.

Recently I bought your new garden hose. It's very dry in the garden these days and I was missing some additional hoses. That’s why.

I understand your new garden hose, is lightweighted, expands up to 3x in length and never kinks, that’s what triggered me. The hose is for sale in my garden centre and I surprised how light weighted it is indeed. So I bought it.

As I unpack the box back home, I am surprised to see there is not only a hose nozzle but also a water tap fitting included. This tap fitting fits exactly on my outer water tap. Mr Hozelock, I kiss you for that! You can’t imagine how long I have been searching for one that fits!

So the hose is quickly connected to the water tap and turns out to be an instant success. The hydropower extends the small hose up to 15 meters in length. My plants thank you  for that Mr. Hozelock.

Why do I write you this letter, you might wonder. Well, I have to get something off my chest. Why do you fabricate such a fantastic product in such an ugly colour? As I looked horrified at the yellow hose, the salesman in the garden centre explains, "Yellow is the colour of the company".

After a week of use now my hose has transformed into a dirty muddy thing. What would I have liked to have a black garden hose Mr. Hozelock. I that case I could leave the hose between the plants. Clean or dirty, nobody would see it.

Or use a snake print, that would be so much fun. But maybe I get carried away here. And the ugly yellow hose nozzle ......Well that will be painted black!

Yours sincerely, 



The garden hose made by Hozelock. After a week of use now my hose has transformed into a dirty muddy thing.

What would I have liked to have a black garden hose Mr. Hozelock.

Nevertheless, my plants benefit! 

It is dry in the garden...... I have to water the plants carefully.

Rosa 'Scepter d' Isle' .......

....and the rose 'Summerwind'....

...and rose Jasmina like the warm summer weather!

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Monday, 12 June 2017

All roses.

All roses.

All roses benefitted greatly from the beautiful summer weather. Little wind, no aphids, no rain. It all was perfect. And then ....... came the storm ......

On the news the storm was announced early on. And as I would be absent that day, I had to take measures in advance.

All roses tied. Check
All poppies in a net. Check:
All plants supported. Check:

So I left at ease... ..

Nevertheless, as I arrive back home again I have to hold back my tears. The flowers look tired as if they had been machine washed and centrifuged.

The roses suffer the biggest damage. Most of their flowers have brown edges and many have been snapped off. Although I am used to pretty strong winds here on the coast, but 9 bft in June? Really that is not normal!

I have no other option but to cut off all roasted roses. Fortunately, many new buds survived. Hopefully they will open soon.

So that shows gardening close to the sea is not all roses!

I will show you the photos of roses I made in recent weeks.

Scented roses. 'Mme Legras de St Germain'

'Colonial White'

'Alchemist' in the morning sun



Rose 'Mme Alfred Carrière' before the storm

And after!

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Monday, 5 June 2017

How gardening makes you happy. Step 6.The battle.

Dear garden girls,

How are you doing in your gardens? Are you still motivated? It's early June and in gardening that means: it’s now or never. A beautiful garden is not only peace and happiness. It is also a battle on multiple fronts! Here are the battles you have to face:

Battle 1.
With continued drought and tropical temperatures; Water your plants. So do not forget: WATER YOUR PLANTS! Place your phone inside - it does not need water - and HOSE. Hose the plants and if your lazy boyfriend is lying on the lawn, hose him too. A water fight now and again is refreshing in a relationship!

Battle 2.
In case of rainy weather you will have to fight the snails. Really, snails like the same plants as you do. So your Lathyrus, pansies and Dahlias are NEVER SAFE! Of course you can sprinkle snails pellets, but it can be done eco-friendly too!

How Hetty? How?


Pick up your phone - at night - and switch it on torch.

Shine the light beam on your favourite plants. At night, the snails are on top of your plants! House slugs can easily be removed BARE handed, but for the "streakers" I would wear GLOVES. They are so slimy! Throw the snails over the fence, the ditch or in the bin. You can also crush them with your sneakers or high heels!

And girls, I do hope one thing though...... that you did not drink too much.

Because in that case you probably will see twice as many!

Hose your plants.

Look at that...

.... they will eat all!

Let's take a look in your example garden.
I have placed a bench for summer.

Surprise. Now here grow many poppies instead of tulips!

In the pot I grow strawberries, next to the bench the Papaver orientalis......

..... and it is beautiful...... for a short time.......

......with a stunning heart. 

Lathyrus is not doing great. It is unbelievable dry in the garden.

No matter the weather, Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' is flowering! Forever and ever.

I am a great fan of poppies. Love the bright colors.

I received some photo's of young gardeners:

Garden woman R. Her Lathyrus plants are doing much better than in my garden. Super R!

Garden woman B ordered her plants by Internet. Well that is new to me! Let me know how they thrive B. 

Enjoy your gardens! Next post "How gardening makes you happy" is July 3th.

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