Monday, 24 April 2017

Open garden days. Spring 2017.

It is quiet in the garden. The April open garden days are over. I enjoyed the conversations with the many visitors from home and abroad. I am touched hearing some visitors have travelled over 700 km just to see my garden.

It was cold, but fortunately we only had a few drops of rain. The visitors were very interested. Numerous times I had to explain how I plant the bulbs. Also, I have been asked if I leave the flower bulbs in the ground (some are, some not) and what I do with the bulbs that I remove. Well I simply throw these away, which all of them think is a sin.

Of course, I could not satisfy everyone. For example, Mrs Blackbird! Her nest had to be finished! This morning, with her mouth full of straw, she looked at me very annoyed. Did I realise I caused her a two days delay just because of these open garden days. The toad was glad too. Finally he could scramble through the garden again without fear of being crushed by the sturdy walking shoes of all those garden freaks. I even did not see my neighbour’s cat for two days. He too is definitely not a fan of open garden days.

For me it just has been a lovely time. For those of you who could not come, I made some pictures. To enjoy the tulips together!

T. Exotic Emperor, White Triumphator, Spring Green, Queen of Night.

Narcis Pueblo

T. Carnaval de Rio

Mix of tulips.

T. Slawa

Red tulips

T. Thijs Boots

T. Mount Tacoma and Angelique

Akebia quinata

And the first rose!

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Tulips in the wrong colour.

Around Easter many tourists are in our village. It almost seems they all have only one mission; taking a picture from our flowering pear tree. I do not blame them. It's such a beautiful picture!

I am busy on the other side of the hedge. I have to pull out all yellow tulips from previous years. There are quite a lot of them. Although the tourists may find it a “sin", it has to be done to my liking. I only want tulips in red colours. The yellow ones are placed in a bucket of water. These will come in handy later.

Moments later I hear "joehoe". It's my elderly neighbour. With her new rollator she has come to take a look at my tulips. As we stroll through the garden I pull out some tulips in the wrong colouring too. She too makes a remark about “sins!” She does not know yet I have a little plan. I am going to make a bouquet from all these tulips for her.

We sit on a bench and enjoy the pink tulips, which are flowering in front of us. We talk about joyful things but also about worries in life. After resting for a while, we continue our walk through the garden.

Under the pear tree some purple tulips bloom, which have to go into the bouquet too. "How about an Easter bouquet?" I ask her and put all the tulips I picked in the basket of her rollator. She is really pleased.

Conclusion, taking out tulips in the wrong colour is not a sin at all. They are just perfect for a bouquet!

April 21 and 22, the garden is openend to the public. Info see link below.

romantic rose garden

Yellow tulips.

I like to have the red ones only.

They look dramatic

Some Geraniums are flowering too!

Tulips and Leucojum

Sitting on the bench overlooking the pink tulips.

And the white ones are beautiful too.

The basket of the rollator.

And also a bouquet for me.

Monday, 10 April 2017

A sea of tulips.

Last week I have been away on a short trip. Returning home, - my mind still on the blue Mediterranean sea - I am surprised to find a sea of tulips in my garden! How fast a garden can change in only four days.

Especially on the south faced wall of the house, it is magnificent. The pear tree is blooming a week earlier than last year. Short double tulips are flourishing underneath the pear tree. These are the so-called Murillo tulips. It is a bright mix of pink, orange and yellow. In the border next to it short double tulips are flourishing too. But here the colours are in soft pink pastel shades.

I like both combinations. The cheerful bright colours with the white pear blossom and the soft candy colours with the grey leaf of the olive tree.

Maybe you prefer one above the other, but I simply cannot choose.

Choose? Oh no. I am going to enjoy both!

April 21 and 22, the garden is openend to the public. Info see link below.

The pink one is called 'Foxtrot'

The white one is 'Global Desire'

The strong pink tulip is 'Caravaggio'

The Murillo mix

How can I choose?

Monday, 3 April 2017

How gardening makes you happy. Step 4. Must-haves.

Dear Garden girls.

Spring has begun. Everyone is gardening; even the non-gardeners. That's why everyone is SO CHEERED UP on a spring day! After all, Gardening makes everybody HAPPY!

Probably you desperately want to go to the garden centre to buy some plants for your little piece of paradise. But WHICH ONES? There is so much to choose from!

I selected a few plants for you. These will definitely make you HAPPY.


Pansies in your example garden

First of all, the Pansy.
Everyone knows these cheerful flowers in the craziest colours. BUY MANY! Plant them in pots, baskets and buckets. Do not forget to water them regularly and to remove (deadhead) the fainted flowers.

Lavender. NEED I SAY MORE?
They thrive best on a sunny and warm place.


Eryrium 'Bowles Mauve'
You probably will never have heard from this plant? Pay attention then! This plant blooms – in my garden – from spring to winter! SPRING AND WINTER! Ok, I have to admit, less exuberant during winter. The lilac flowers look well with early spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips. Every few years you have to renew the plants. But it is an ABSOLUTE WINNER. Plant them in a sunny and dry place. (50cm high)

Erysimum in your example garden

Kalimeris incisa. False aster.
This is unknown plant too. Blooms early June. They are available in white or lilac. After flowering, cut back the plant to 25 cm high. Soon it will flower again! They are the BACKBONE of your border! They grow in sun or partial shade, but not in the darkest spot. (50 cm high)

False Aster also available in white

Geranium, all are good.
Geranium is a very rewarding plant family. They are available in the colours: dark red, pink, lilac and blue. My favourite: Geranium 'Rosanna'. This plant will reward you with a SEA OF BLUE flowers! It flowers from late June until frost. An additional advantage, the snails do not like them. They like sun or partial shade. (25 cm high)

My favorite Geranium 'Rosanna'

These are also suitable for the balcony gardeners. Be aware of the snails, they love them for BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER!


And as you go to the garden centre, also bring a package of LATHYRUS SEEDS please. Now is the time to sow these in little container pots. Next month we will plant them outside. You can grow these on your balcony in a large pot too.

Lathyrus seeds

I cannot wait to hear what you bought. And above all, are you feeling HAPPY in your garden?

Next post “Gardening is making you happy step 5” is on May 1st.

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