Monday, 26 October 2015

"Because she believes in me".

I am cleaning up the house when, under a pile of garden gloves, I find a little sign. On this sign has been written: "Want zij gelooft in mij” (Because she believes in me). Immediately this brings back memories from spring .......

One day in spring my husband asks, "Is the stag’s horn sumach tree -Rhus thypina-  always so late in leafs?" To be honest I have no clue. After all, this tree has been in my garden for the last 25 years, so you do not pay attention it is just always there. "Maybe it's the weather," I reply.

A few weeks later… Visitors are coming to see the garden. They too ask: "What about the Rhus typina?" Again I respond: "Maybe it's the weather," The visitors however see it differently. "That tree is dead, only you're still in denial."

Denial? For me every tree gets the chance to see the longest day. But, to avoid all those questions, I buy a little sign and write on it: "Because she believes in me." (that’s the title of a song by a famous Dutch singer Andre Hazes ). I put the sign on a clearly visible place in my Rhus. I trust that will make the visitors silence!

Alas! Early June ...... .. Still no leafs on my tree. I get on my bike and go to a stag’s horn sumach tree nearby. This one is full in leaf. So something is really wrong with my tree. I take the sign off the tree and call 'the man with the chainsaw”.

He arrives on a jiffy. The chainsaw is started and five minutes later, nothing is left of my tree but a huge pile of branches. Instantly it gives a lot of light. But there will be no more beautiful coloured leafs to look at in autumn. No bright red leaves on the green grass….

Funny that a simple sign can create such memories. I wanted to share this with you, because although everything seems to be going well in the garden, behind the scenes something might be going totally wrong!

I wrote on it: "Because she believes in me".

Pictures from my archive...

coloured leafs..

Autumn colours.

Beautiful with grasses.

No more red leafs....

...on the lawn.

Spring. What is wrong?

First week of June, no leafs.

I call the man with the chainsaw.....

Five minutes later. No tree anymore.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Spring is on my doorstep.

Arriving home after visiting the market, there are four boxes of bulbs on my doorstep. Wow, I did not realize I ordered that much. My door is simply barricaded!

After carrying the boxes inside I immediately unpack the boxes. Oh, I love these brown paper bags full of bulbs. There is a promise in each bulb. I find a small note of my bulb supplier. He writes: "I have added a few extra bags of bulbs. I hope to disorganize your plant schedule." Disorganize? He is always mocking me.

So I am puzzling how to fit the extra bulbs into my colour scheme. I study the pictures of my garden, to see exactly in which period which tulips bloom. Oh, how beautiful the garden was in April ......

Next day I start planting. But at the end of the day still no empty boxes! I tell my younger daughter about the bulbs and she offers to help me planting right away. An assistant, helping me planting bulbs? I accept immediately!

For those of you that have not yet ordered bulbs, there are probably still some bulbs left in Jan Deen’s shed! After all the planting season runs until December.

And a garden without bulbs ..... you will surely regret this next spring!

My door is simply barricaded! 

Iris reticulata.

There is a promise in each bulb.

Orange tulips....

Narcissus in lemon colour.

Fritelaria imperealis.

All colours are beautiful.

I have to plant many...


But in spring I never regret this hard labour.

White garden.

And a garden without bulbs ..... you will surely regret this next spring!

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Buying on impulse.

On the grounds of the beautiful Beervelde estate in Belgium twice a year a large garden event is being held. This estate is located at Lochristi and is a one-hour drive by car from where I live. Every autumn I go there to buy plants. This autumn I went together with a girlfriend.

The weather is nice and the atmosphere is friendly. At this event the Beervelde estate is surrounded by a lot of stands with beautiful plants, bulbs, seeds, tools and antiques.

This year I do not have many items on my list. I thought, I will let me be surprised! A dangerous combination; no plans at all and money in my pocket. That feels like IMPULSE buying coming up! My friend buys many plants, but for me there is nothing in particular to use. Until we reach a stand of terracotta pots ......

I fall in love with a terracotta pot in the shape of a rectangular basket. This Italian pot is handmade in Impruneta (near Florence). Alas, there is an impressive price tag on it!

So we walk along the show. However all the time I am thinking about the basket. In fact I have already decided. Well, if I do not buy too many plants .........

As you might have guessed the basket ended on my garden table and it looks as if it was meant to be there.

I am still fantasizing what to plant in this impulse buy. But can you imagine this basket filled with light blue crocuses?

Buying on impulse. I love it!

My impuls-buy.

Another pot more contemporary style.

Hot colours.

Beautiful prairie plants.

Also hot! It says Keep calm end enjoy the fire. 

Many roses.

Lunch time. In Belgium gardeners drink champagne! 

The weather is lovely.


Look at the colours.


Inspiring garden shed....

....decorated with flowers.

Seeds. What to buy?

On the garden table. I have already planted some crocuses in my pot.

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