Monday, 25 May 2015

Garden trip to England, spring 2015.

After a busy period in the garden I have booked a bus trip to Kent / Sussex (England). Nothing to worry about, just sit and relax; the bus will get you there.

Telling you about all the gardens we visited, would be too much, so I will only talk you about the one that struck me the most. It is High Beeches, a spring garden near Crawly, Sussex.

You arrived on the highest point of the garden and this will give you a splendid view over the garden. From there you are able to see the sloping countryside and in the distance you can see the bright colours of the azaleas. 

There are many grass paths across the garden. Each path has a view on water, or beautiful coloured rhododendrons and azaleas. I wandered through the garden; at every crossroad you will have to make up your mind which path to choose. Many times I hesitated, because every path looked tempting to me.

Azaleas and rhododendron mingle with other shrubs and trees. This makes this garden very attractive. Above all it felt tranquil. It made me wanting to lie down in the grass for some time and just daydream. Can you do that in an English garden? I thought not.

Under the trees was a host of thousands bluebells flowering. It looked like a blue fog under the trees. I could not stop photographing these bluebells and I like to shear some of the photos with you. It was just magical.

And did you buy some plants on this trip, I hear you thinking. But no azaleas or rhododendrons for me! These simply do not grow in my clay soil.

Something else than? O yes at Wakehurst Place Garden, I bought me a garden fork I had been wanting for over a year. Also at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens a yellow Verbascum (mullein) and at Savill Garden I bought me a Cirsium (a dark thistle). Of course I could not resist a small bag of bluebell seeds.

Of course coming back from a garden trip and not have bought anything is really not an option!

Sloping country side at High Beeches.

Azalea's together with other shrubs. 

I loved the colours.

Beautiful rododendrons.

Many times I hesitated, because every path looked tempting to me. 


And more views!

Under the trees, bluebells.

It looked like a blue fog under the trees. 

It was magical.

My new garden fork and Verbascum.

Thanks for hosting Hakan and bland rosor och bladloss

Monday, 18 May 2015

Gnome Joop is back!

Hello, as you may know I'm gnome Joop. I live in this garden for years. I like to observe this garden women. So I am able to share a different side of her character with you all.

Last week I heard she will be going to England shortly. She wants to see rhododendrons and bluebells. Why I ask myself? She has plenty of bluebells in her own garden. Complete nonsense, driving such a long way to see the same thing.

She called me. "Joop, please come and take a look. You can help me with my potager." POTAGER? To me this is an ordinary vegetable garden! What is the meaning of using a French word? Is it more posh? I'm sure her French followers will be laughing their ……off.

Anyway, I walk over and to my astonishment I see she has pulled out all the remaining tulips. Ridiculous of course! At first she is happy that the tulips are blooming and the next moment she takes them all out. "I am going to put these tulips in a vase" she says, when I ask her why she does this. Seems not logically to me (?!?)

"Joop, when I'm in England, can you please finish those other two parts of my potager? I don’t have time for these and the beans should be planted by now. Just put the poles in the ground and tie them firmly together on top. After that, plant the beans and do not forget to water them."

And off she is. But those poles are sky high! She must be thinking I'm a mountaineer!

Why is she leaving in the first place? The garden is at its best now.

Today I expect her back. Of course I could not be bothered with all her ideas so I have done none of the jobs she asked me to do. That's why I will hide quickly behind the Geraniums. By the time she finds me - impatient as she is - she probably will have planted the vegetable garden by herself.

POTAGER! It could not be more bizarre!

All new followers a warm welcome.