Monday, 29 December 2014

The best of 2014.

This is my last blog of the year 2014 for all of you readers.

To finalize 2014 I have selected a series of garden pictures I made this year. Looking at these pictures it is hard to believe that the garden was so wonderful. Especially at this moment, with my garden looking messy and brown, it is hard to imagine that in a few months time the garden will be flowering again.

Thanks you all for your kind reactions to my blog. I enjoyed it very much. Writing a blog gives virtual friends, it feels as if I know you a little. That is a special bonus.

At January 1st a new garden year will start all over again. And I will keep you updated about my activities, frustrations and new plans on a weekly basis.

To conclude, I wish you all:
       A little bit of frost in January, then full throttle off to spring! 
       Soft rain in May. 
       Plenty of sun in June with the occasional shower in the evening. 
       A very sunny summer with lots of opportunities to go to the beach.
       And at last an Indian summer in the Autumn…...

Happy 2015!



Beautiful tulips.

Pear tree with white blossoms in combination with orange tulips.

Bright colours in the front garden.

Botanical tulips in the old garbage bins.

Red tulips in my mothers old salt pot.

I always wear gloves in the garden.

Bee have, just for decoration.

Strawberries on the table.

A lot of roses.

More roses.

Early in the morning in the garden.

Roses in the back yard.

And roses on the rose arche.

Old-fashioned roses. 

Tea time in the summer garden.

And a lot of Lathyrus to pick.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Mistletoe, the ultimate Christmas plant

Within a few days time it will be Christmas. I have taken the mistletoe - which has been hanging for some weeks outside on the rose arch already - inside. I have something special with mistletoe. I do not know whether it is the colour of the berries or the kissing aspect, but for me mistletoe is the ultimate Christmas plant.

The other day I found on the Internet that it is possible to 'sow' mistletoe to apple trees. To investigate this I squeezed out a mistletoe berry. From the berry comes a white sticky ball. Inside this sticky ball you will find a miniature mistletoe plant. You might say it looks like a small embryo.

The 'seeding', or should I say 'planting' of the mistletoe works as follows:

Pick a sturdy branch of an apple tree that gets lots of sunshine.
Squeeze the seed out of the berry and smear the sticky seedling against the bark of the apple tree. The best time to do this is late February until March. Please be aware that the berries are poisonous!

Because of the small chance of success, smear at least 10 seedlings at the same branch. Then you will have to wait patiently for at least a year.

If you are lucky you will have your own mistletoe in the tree.

This web wisdom instantly raised me a dilemma. Once placed inside the house for decoration the berries will dry out quickly and are useless for sowing. So I will have to decide. Lovely mistletoe inside during this Christmas or the chance of having my own mistletoe in the apple tree for all years to come….. I have no made up my mind yet.

I will have to think it over it little bit more.

For now, I wish all you blog readers a Merry Christmas!


Mistletoe outside hanging on the rose arch.

Mistletoe berries are beautiful

Mistletoe berries close up

Inside the house for decoration.

Together with some candle light.

It looks fantastic I think.

Mistletoe, like a small tree. 

Seeding Mistletoe. Squeeze out the berry.

Inside the berrie is a little sticky ball.

Smear it at the branch and wait patiently for a year to see it grow!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. December 2014.

It is winter and still there are flowers to enjoy. Here are the flowers from my garden in December. Not many, but...

Have a Happy Blogger Bloom Day!


Monday, 8 December 2014

December roses.

The other day Zeeland, the province I live in, has had a little frost. Not much, only 2 degrees below zero at night.

Before the frost, I picked a variety of roses from my garden. I put these to an old sauceboat to enjoy the roses for the last time this year. I was pretty sure the frost would have ended the flowering season for the roses. How wrong I was!

A little stroll around the garden still provides me enough blooming roses to make a blog post. Do not expect too much from these roses though. But as you all will know, garden happiness is to be found in little things!

In the back yard, flowering at the rose arches, some roses of R. Blush Noisette’ and R. ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’. I also see a branch of R. ‘Tapis Volent’ with several flowers on it.

In the front yard, I have discovered single roses to R. 'The Pilgrim', R. 'Windrush' R. 'Celina' and R. 'Golden Border'. This last one is always the first in flowering and continues until the very end. It is an unsurpassed rose in a soft yellow colour.

Maybe these December roses are not the prettiest, but I must admit, they are certainly the bravest!

R. Mme. Alfred Carriere.

R. Blush Noisette

R. Tapis Volent.

R. The Pilgrim

R. Celina

R. Golden Border

R. Windrush

R. Golden Wings

R. Yvonne Rabier
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