Monday, 24 November 2014

DIY. Christmas decorations from your garden.

I think Christmas arrangements should be made quickly. I will show you a quick and easy way to transfer your crease blossoming Hydrangea’s into a snowy Christmas decoration.

What do you need?
  1.        Hydrangea’s from your garden.
  2.        Christmas snow.
  3.        Spray glue.
  4.         A bowl.

How to go about?
  •         Make sure your Hydrangea’s are dry.
  •        Put the Christmas snow in the bowl.
  •        Spray the Hydrangea with the glue. (It is best to do this outside otherwise your house will be glued together!)
  •        Dip the Hydrangea in the bowl with Christmas snow.

The result is a natural snowy effect!

Do It Yourself. Snowy Hydrangea's.

Hydrangea's in Versailles vases.

All we need is Christmas snow and spray glue.

After spraying the Hydrangea with spray glue, dip it into the bowl with snow.

Ready. Natural snowy arrangement. Perfect for the end of November.

Another option, now that we have everything on the table! White Christmas effect.

  •        Cut some Hydrangea ‘Annabel’ from your garden.
  •        Spray them with white spray paint. (Again, this is preferably done outside).
  •        After drying, spray them with the glue. (Again outside, you know why).
  •        Dip them in the bowl with Christmas snow.
  •        Place the Hydrangea ‘Annabel’ on a plate and add some Christmas baubles and Christmas snow.

Of course you can do this with other materials. Use what is available in your garden and most of all use your imagination!



Hydrangea after I have sprayed them white.

How lovely they look with a little Christmas snow and sunshine.

Contrast, Hydrangea 'Annabel' and Christmas baubles.

The arrangement outside in the garden.

I can use these pictures for Christmas cards.

DIY. Simple, quick and beautiful Christmas decoration.
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Beautiful white cut flowers

Look what I have bought. Ten Eucharis flowers for only two euro! They flower for weeks. It is a real bargain.


Eucharis one of my favorite cut flowers.

It flowers for weeks

White petals and a geen hart.

Back light.The flowers look transparant.

Contrast. Delicate flowers and old wood.


I like Eucharis with Asparagus.

Eucharus is a beautiful white cut flower.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. November 2014

It's been weeks of gorgeous autumn weather. And how much is there to enjoy. Here are some pictures from my garden. It looks like summer again.

Have a Happy blogger Blooms Day!


Geranium 'Versicolor' with beautiful dark veins.

My very best Geranium! G. nodosum. Flowers from april until......frost. 

Also a very good one: Geranium 'Rosanna'


Hyperium started to flower again.

Verbascum 'Buttercup'. Cute face.

Cestrum parqui. Not hardy, but I have it for years in my garden due to the mild climate in Zeeland. 

Daisy fleabane. Flowers almost year round. 

Centranthus alba.

I found the last cornflower in the garden.

 Tree peonia with coloured leaves and stems. An extra bonus from Nature!

Enough to fill another vase with Dahlias.

More about Garden Bloggers Blooms Day. Thanks for hosting Carol.